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New Jersey Craft is a documentary film project exploring the beginnings, challenges and successes of the craft beer industry in New Jersey. It is being produced by award winning production company Random Thought Studio.


The process is simple. We are capturing stories of craft brewing companies of all sizes to understand what makes them tick, why they do what they do, and how they do it. We also try to gain insight into why craft beer has become so popular and complex.


This is a work in progress that like many things got its start before COVID. We have resumed production and will continue posting tastings here until the film is fully fermented. 

Previous stories that Random Thought Studio has shared include: 


Analog, a remarkable behind the scenes look at Princeton Record Exchange and the interest in vinyl LPs


Pastry, how a family has owned and operated Court Pastry in Brooklyn, NY for generations with the same recipes


Skiff, an exploration of the rich history of boatbuilding in New Jersey  


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